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September 9th, 2016 by theadmin Leave a Comment
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Every morning when you wake up do you wake up feeling fulfilledĀ or do you wake up feeling like something is missing in your life? I have worked many nine to five jobs, and at each one I was miserable. Sure I loved putting smiles on peoples faces but all I could think was where is this going to lead me and if I would be satisfied… the answer was always no.

I would also ask myself is this job and life one I would want for my son and since the answer to that was no as well then how could I be okay with it for myself? Ask yourself that too! Is the life and career you have something you want for your kids and or future kids? Does it give you purpose? Some people would even say my dissatisfaction with a nine to five was pride, laziness, and a lack of reality… but that was never the truth it was simply lack of purpose. I was barely getting by doing what the world tells you is normal and that eventually with persistence, it would all pay off. DON’T buy into this it isn’t true!

What’s greater than money, greater than knowledge, greater than me, and is essential in being happy… living with purpose! because we were all made for a purpose. So what is it you want out of life? A degree, babies, work to death? or do you want to live with impact, get excited to wake up, do what you love, reach people, and leave behind a legacy, because that’s what happens when you live with purpose and meaning. Don’t wait and look back wishing you would have done something differently or sooner. What’s your purpose? Join us!

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